MTG - Team Sealed I am 15.10.2016 um 11 Uhr

MTG - Team Sealed I am 15.10.2016 um 11 Uhr


Ihr wollt nach Rotterdam zum Team-Sealed Grand Prix? Euch ist Rotterdam zu teuer?

Bei uns könnt Ihr trainieren, ausprobieren und die kostengünstigere Alternative spielen:-)


Startgeld: 50 Euro/Team (3 Spieler)

Format: Sealed (12 Booster)

Preispool: 3 Booster pro Team


Basics (Quelle: Magic the Gathering - Hompage):

"Team Sealed combines the fun of Sealed Deck with two of your friends, letting you build powerful 40-card decks to be used in an exciting team format!

Unlike individual Sealed Deck – which challenges you to build a 40-card deck out of six boosters – Team Sealed challenges teams of three players to build three decks out of twelve boosters, one deck for each teammate.

Players then battle other teams of three with their decks, and when a team has two players win their individual matches, the whole team wins the match.

Team Sealed is a more challenging – but fun and unique – variation on the individual Sealed Deck format, offering players a chance to play with new cards in a teammate-driven environment without being required to bring a pre-built deck."

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