Launchweekend: Conspiracy vom 06.06. - 07.06.2014

Launchweekend: Conspiracy vom 06.06. - 07.06.2014








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Freitag, 06.06.2014 17 Uhr

Draft: 10 Euro

Preispool: Rare- und Foilpick


Samstag, 07.06.2014 11 Uhr

Draft: 10 Euro

Preispool: Rare- und Foilpick

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Conspiracy Draft

Conspiracy Draft is a casual variant in which players participate in a booster draft with Magic: The Gathering—Conspiracy booster packs. After building decks, they then play in one or more Free-for-All multiplayer games. Conspiracies, intrigue, and secrecy add to the excitement and keep your opponents unsteady at every turn.

Conspiracy Draft works best as an 8-player draft that then breaks into two separate 4-player games, but it can be enjoyed with any number of players. It's recommended that drafts have no more than 10 players at a single table and individual games have no more than 5 players. If a draft breaks into multiple games, randomly determine who will play in which game. For each individual game, where each player sits is also chosen at random; it doesn't matter where anyone sat during the draft.



Multiplayer Games

The main difference between a one-on-one game and a multiplayer game is that you have more opponents to defeat on your way to victory. Over the course of the game, you may make temporary truces, deals, and alliances—politics matter! But ultimately you're on your own. The other players are always your opponents, even if you've temporarily made peace with them.

  • Each player starts at 20 life.
  • The first time a player takes a mulligan, he or she draws seven cards rather than six. Subsequent hands decrease by one card as normal.
  • Each turn is taken individually and includes all the normal steps and phases. Notably, the player who goes first does not skip his or her first turn's draw step.
  • During combat, you may attack any of your opponents or any planeswalkers they control. You may even attack multiple opponents and/or planeswalkers.
  • If there are multiple defending players, they declare blockers in turn order. Each player's creatures may block only the creatures attacking that player or a planeswalker controlled by that player.
  • Play proceeds clockwise. That is, after your turn, the player on your left takes his or her turn.
  • Your spells and abilities can affect any player, permanent, spell, or card in the game, no matter how far away from you they are.
  • You win the game when each other player has been eliminated.

Leaving the Game

  • A player leaves the game when he or she loses the game.
  • All permanents, spells, and other cards the player owns leave the game. Any effects that gave that player control of anything end.
  • If the player controlled any copies of spells or abilities on the stack, those copies cease to exist. They won't resolve.
  • If the player still controls any objects, those objects are exiled.
  • Nothing can happen to a player that has left the game. For example, combat damage can't be dealt to that player, and delayed triggered abilities controlled by that player won't be put on the stack.
  • If a player that has left the game is required to make a choice, the controller of the spell or ability chooses another player (or opponent, if appropriate) to make that choice.
  • If a player leaves the game during his or her turn, that turn continues, even though there isn't an active player. The next player in turn order receives priority whenever the active player would.



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Booster: 3,95

Display: 99 Euro



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