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Misyn is a wooded plain on the northeast shore of Lake Benath in central Hârn. The region has a unique geography that is not found elsewhere on Hârn. The god Ilvir, principal deity of the Jarin people and lord-creator of the strange creatures known as Ivashu, is said to dwell at Araka-Kalai and Misyn is sometimes described as his kingdom. The only permanent settlement in Misyn is Ochrynn, an Ilviran abbey run by the Order of the Ochre Womb, the caretakers of Araka-Kalai. 

The Misyn article covers the area's history, geography, and wildlife. Points of interest are described and a number of adventure hooks provided. Additionally, information is given about the Ilviran pilgrims who travel to Araka-Kalai, the various routes they take, and the dangers they face. 

A portion of this article was originally published in 1987 as part of the Araka-Kalai module.


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