Gamegenic - Playmat XP 61 x 35mm

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Produktinformationen "Gamegenic - Playmat XP 61 x 35mm"
Take your game to the next level!
A revolution in playmats! Introducing a real professional playing surface.
The innovative Playmat XP stands apart from all other playmats on the market. Experienced gamers will love the unique, high-speed surface which allows super-fast rotation and smooth movement of sleeved cards. With an increased thickness of 3mm, the Playmat XP will rest flat on the table straight away, even if it‘s just been unfolded. The anti-slip back side blocks any shifting around, ensuring a fixed position. The Playmat XP is made from natural rubber.
The Playmat XP has a premium stitched edge which merges almost seamlessly into the mat’s surface. The product is packed in a very sturdy, appealing cardboard box with external material samples, allowing you to touch and experience the unique material features before even buying the product!

61 x 35 cm
High-speed surface for real professional gaming
Super-fast turning and smooth movement of sleeved cards
Thickness of 3 mm: Rests super-flat on the table straight away
Premium stitched border. The stitched edges add protection and avoid fraying of the playmat
Anti-slip back side
No uneven or annoying logo printing thanks to stitched label at the side
Made from natural rubber
Achtung! Nicht für Kinder unter 3 Jahren geeignet.

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